Bishop Nathaniel Gomillion, licensed and ordained at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of Prince George, VA, is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. After a tour of duty with the Army he entered St. Leo University, St. Leo, Florida (Ft. Lee Chapter) where he graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management. He has done graduate work in the field of Education and Supervision at Virginia State University. He has earned a Masters of Religious Education (M.R.E.) Degree from Virginia University of Lynchburg, Virginia.

﷯Bishop Gomilion is Founder and Pastor of the Tabernacle of Praise Full Gospel Baptist Church in Zuni, Virginia and Tabernacle of Praise Ministries. He serves as Bishop of Emerging Churches and Fellowship Assistance that helps in the development and growth of “small churches” within the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International since February of 2004. He directs the worldwide efforts of 22 elders that sit on this council and reside in various parts of the world.  

Bishop Gomillion had a weekly television broadcast on TCT network which is carried on Direct TV. He currently broadcasts locally in the Petersburg, Hopewell, and Prince George area. Bishop also has a monthly webcast that is broadcast on the church’s web site. 

Bishop Gomillion is the author of four books, “My Journey through Joshua”, “Things That I Have Seen in God”, “God Can Handle Small” and “The Large Inside the Small”. He is a much sought after presenter that teaches, preaches and conducts workshops throughout the nation. He is also a world class entrepreneur.

 Bishop Gomillion was awarded the General Overseer of the Year Award for his work as General Overseer of the FAC in 2005. He also serves as the First Assistant to the International Bishop of the Faithful Men's Ministry & as a member of the Apostolic Covering Team for that ministry of the FGBCF. 

Prior to his appointment to lead the FAC, Bishop served as Regional General Overseer of District Overseers for the Southern Atlantic & the Northeast Central Regions for the FGBCF. In February of 2002, he was appointed to the Overseer's Council which develops and implements Episcopal training for the State Bishops, State Overseers & District Overseers for the FGBCF. He has also served as a member of the Church Planting Team, assessing applicant’s qualifications to be planted in a FGBC plant. 

Bishop Gomillion is former Regional General Overseer of District Overseers for the Western Pacific and the Southwestern Regions.Bishop is former District Overseer for the South Central District, comprised of 26 churches, & First Assistant to the State Bishop for the FGBC Fellowship of VA. In 1999 he was selected as the International District Overseer of the Year. Bishop was also the Founder & President of the Baptist Ministers' Conference of Petersburg and Vicinity; & he is Founder & former President of the United Fellowship of Churches of Ivor, & former advisor to the Central Virginia Chapter of Women's Aglow Fellowship International. He has also served on the Home Mission Board of the National Baptist﷯ Convention of America, Inc & as a member of the Board of Directors of C.A.B. Outreach Ministries Inc (whose major emphasis is in Africa and the Philippines). 

Bishop has held membership in the Baptist General Convention of VA, the VA State Baptist Convention, the Bethany Baptist Assoc., the Hampton Conference, Blacks in Government Inc., the NAACP, and the SCLC. 

 Bishop Gomillion served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Tri-cities Brothers in Christ Ministries Inc. for 17 years. He has also served as Theology Instructor for the Baptist Ministers Conference of Petersburg & Vicinity.Bishop currently serves on the Executive Board of the Franklin and Vicinity Ministers Alliance, President of Kingdom Concepts, and Adjunct Professor at Central Texas College. Bishop retired from the Logistics Training Department as a GS-13, where he served as the Division Chief of the Supply Training Division.

Bishop Gomillion is married to the Former Miss Francine Smith, Asst. to the Pastor of the TOPFGBC who specializes in the prophetic. She is a very gifted & inspiring preacher and teacher with a ministry of her own to men, women & youth. No one should go to heaven without hearing her at least once. He attests that with all of her activities for the Lord, she never ceases to be a very strong source of strength for him and the church. He and his wife are the founders of Gomillion & Gomillion Ministries which focuses on the development of small churches, the development of leaders, pastoring pastors, and mentoring ministers. Bishop and Elder have many spiritual sons & daughters whom God has attached to them because of the wisdom that He has sown into their lives to provide strengthening for others. 

Bishop is the father of four children; the grandfather of seven, great grandfather of two, and the Godfather of eight. 

 Bishop Gomillion wants it known that he loves his wife, his children, grandchildren, God-children, spiritual