Tabernacle of Praise Full Gospel Baptist Church


The journey began thirteen years ago on February 24, 1993. God gave a vision to His under-shepherd, Rev. Nathaniel Gomillion of Prince George, VA to build a new branch of Zion. He along with a group of believers met in the home of Brother Clifton and Sis. Florence Reynolds for the purpose of carrying out the vision. On that night, February 24, 1993, a church, Tabernacle of Praise Baptist Mission, was born. Rev. Gomillion was unanimously voted to become its pastor, associate ministers were named and officers were elected. The church later became Tabernacle of Praise Full Gospel Baptist Church.

Our first worship service was held on Sunday, February 28, 1993 at the Holiday Inn in Suffolk, VA. On the first Sunday in June, we moved to the Ruritan building in Zuni where we stayed until November. Then we moved to a restaurant building which we purchase on September 29, 1994  along with three acres of land. Extensive renovations were done on the building.

In 1999, the great flood of the century, completely wiped out our church building, but not the church, for we are the church.
We returned to the Ruritan as the building was being rebuilt. The last was better than the first. What the Devil meant for bad, God meant for good.                              

The ministry continued to grow and our second location at 221 S. Main Street in the City of Franklin opened in 2004. Services there are on first and third Sundays at 9:00 A.M. and Bible study on Thursday nights from 7 to 8.

Early in 2005, excitement was in the air around Tabernacle. Our Pastor got the news from the Presiding Bishop, Paul S. Morton, that he was being elevated in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. On July 12, 2005, Pastor Gomillion was consecrated Bishop of Fellowship of Assistance at the Conference in New Orleans, LA. We thank God for you Bishop Gomillion.

The ministry continues to grow as new members come and others are reinstated. We know that God is not through with us yet! The best is yet to come!

Thank you God for entrusting this vision to TOP.

"Faithfulness and Fruitfulness"
John 15:1-5

Tabernacle of Praise Zuni Location